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Visual Milestones

Birth – 1 month2024-02-05T15:10:47+00:00

Able to fixate to some degree

Follows slow moving objects with uncoordinated eye movements

Scans faces but only fixating at the edges (Fixates on hairline or edge of the face)

Appears to look “through”, rather than “at”, interesting objects

Gazes at light sources and will turn their eyes and head toward a source of light

Prefers to look at patterns that are large and of high contrast, like black and white

Can follow objects moving horizontally to midline

Can focus their eyes at approximately 1 ½ inches

2 – 3 Months2024-02-05T15:11:23+00:00

Prefers faces rather than complex patterns

Can follow objects moving vertically

Can track more smoothly

Awake and looking around for longer periods of time

Develops protective blink reflex

Visual acuity is improving

Prefers colored objects to black and white

Social smile (by 3 months)

Peripheral vield responses within 60 degresss

Accomodates to different distance (by 3 months)

4 – 6 Months2024-02-05T15:12:02+00:00

Watches toys that fall and roll away

Watches their own hands

Begins to reach towards objects and faces

Begins to grasp and manipulate toys and objects that engage their visual attention

Better control over their shift of gaze

Can shift their gaze across midline

Recognizes distance objects and faces up to six yards away (by 6 months)

Convergence is present (by 6 months)

Develops eye-hand coordination and grasp objects successfully (by 5 months)

Examines toys and objects with their eyes

Peripheral visual fields response within 180 degrees

7 – 10 Months2024-02-09T15:25:40+00:00

Makes eye contact with an adult at several feet

Interested in looking at pictures in books

Recognizes objects that are partially hidden

Develops eye-hand coordination with small objects

Develops perception to size and form

Begins to look at mother’s face as a visual point of reference in ambiguous situations (by 9 months)

Proficient in visual exploration of novel objects and toys (by 9 months)

11 – 12 Months2024-02-05T15:13:00+00:00

Enjoys playing peek-a-boo

Has full color vision

Increases looking during playtime with an assortment of toys

Maintains attention for the purpose of learning and exploring

12 – 24 Months2024-02-05T15:13:13+00:00

Will visually search for a person or toy that is missing

Reaches or moves behind a barrier to find a toy

Recognizes four pictures of animals or familiar obects

Recognizes him or herself or one or two familiar people in photos

Imitates facial expressions

Interested in things that roll, cars, balls

Points to a distance objects outdoors, like the family’s mailbox

24 – 36 Months2024-02-05T15:13:25+00:00

Names pictures of common shapes, like square, circle, & triangle

Stacks 8 or 9 blocks

Pounds pegs with a hammer

Points to a picture which represents a named action (girl riding in a wagon)

Names object in pictures as little or big

Assembles 2-halves of a circle like a wooden puzzle to make it whole

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